Enduro 360 H6 & H7

This site is a tribute to the Spanish Enduro and Trial motorbikes built between 1960 and 1985. The Montesa factory, located in Barcelona designed and built some great bikes that took over from Britisch build Enduro and trial bikes at the end of the '50-ties.

Lower weight, improved suspension, better handling and plenty 2-stroke power made the Spanish bikes popular and soon the first victories and championships went to the "Spanish Conquerors". This site is dedicated to the brand Montesa and in particular to the Montesa Enduro H6 & H7 models. 

Find out interesting stuff about the Montesa Enduro bikes, such as the history of the brand Montesa, the Enduro Model line-up and discover much more about these once so successful Enduro bikes. Parts lists, user manuals and other interesting information are available and can be downloaded free-of-charge.


Montesa Cota's, etc.

Find interesting stuff on Montesa Cota's, Yamaha XT 500's and other classic bike stuff.




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